Maintenance 6711100

Prophylactic maintenance of gas
equipment, on weekdays 9.00-16.30

Emergency 5272262

In case of failures and urgent problems,
every day 9.00-21.00

Wall hung boilers

Gas water heaters

Gas and water fittings


The main activities of our company are the design of gas supply systems, their construction, the construction and subsequent maintenance of gas and oil boiler houses. In addition, we sell various gas appliances in cooperation with several well-known European brands such as JUNKERS, Ferrari S.R.L. , Delta Fluid Products, F.W.Oventrop GmbH and Co., Fantini Cosmi S.R.L and Poujoulat Group.

To order preventive maintenance of the gas appliance, call:

During the weekdays

from 9.00 – 16.30

To the general number

671 1100

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