All gas appliances, like JUNKERS, BOSCH, IMMERGAS  or others, require regular maintenance to ensure long-term use.

The instructions for gas water heaters and boilers usually state that maintenance must be performed once a year. However, this frequency also depends on the installation location and also on the material of the heat exchanger.

The gas water heater in the bathroom must be serviced every year. This maintenance mainly consists of cleaning the burner, heat exchanger and flue. Because the dust in the bathroom is special – clothes and skin creams, hair, etc. – then clogging of the air vents with this feature leads to sooting of the heat exchanger in the best case but to the formation of carbon monoxide in the worst case. Maintenance alone does not remove limescale from water heating. This activity is already a more serious undertaking.

Condensate boilers must be serviced once a year. To ensure good heat transfer, the flame and heating water channels in these boilers are made very narrow. If the duct is clogged with oxide or dirt, it is almost impossible to clean it – you may need to replace the heat exchanger or the entire boiler. During boiler maintenance, the quality of combustion, flame control and safety devices, operation of control automation, smoke removal and condensate drainage are also checked. Deformed seals and electrodes are also replaced if necessary.

According to the regulations in force in Estonia, there must be a carbon monoxide (CO) sensor in the installation room of all household gas appliances without exception.

Equipment maintenance and repair EUR with VAT
Maintenance CallTechnician’s call within Tallinn18,00
The same evening (18:00-22:00) or
Sat, Sun (9.00-18.00) (coefficient 1.5)
Same Sat, Sun evening (18.00-22.00)
or on public holidays (coefficient 2.0)
Working hours (calculated every half hour)Gas water heater, gas boiler cleaning, maintenance, repair according to the elapsed time.54,00
The same evening (18:00-22:00) or
Sat, Sun (9.00-18.00) (coefficient 1.5)
Same Sat, Sun evening (18.00-22.00)
or on public holidays (coefficient 2.0)
Extra charge for out of town (by agreement)0,40 EUR/km

* NB. The price list applies to boiler technicians. Ask for a personal quote for locksmith work.

On weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., your request for maintenance is registered on the general telephone number 6711100 and the work is performed according to the possibilities in the work schedule.
Emergency calls can also be made to the security technician on 5272262 on weekends 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. .
Payment for the works is made according to the price list.