About us

OÜ GASPRE was founded in 1993, and since then, our main business activities have been designing and building gas supply systems, building and maintaining gas and oil fired boiler plants.

More than half of the turnover is acquired from selling different gas appliances.

Since 1993, we have been collaborating with the German company Robert Bosch GmbH, in our market better known as JUNKERS. Also, we purchase different gas appliances and equipment from Ferrari S.R.L. (Italy), Delta Fluid Products (GB), F.W.Oventrop GmbH & Co (Germany), Fantini Cosmi S.R.L (Italy), Poujoulat Group (France).

During our 20 years of operation, more than 18,000 gas water heaters and over 10,000 wall-mounted gas appliances have been installed.

Over time, our main specialities have expanded, and now we are also designing outside gas supply piping and heating systems.

Our main customer base is private. In addition to
apartments and private housing, we also build boiler plants for apartment buildings and production facilities.

In relation to the EU’s goal to increase the production of renewable energy, we offer heat pumps and solar heating systems as well.

Considering that the final consumers are not so much concerned with the purchase of the heater, chimney, or their assembly, as they are with purchasing a working and economical heating system, then all our efforts and manpower are directed towards that.

Our mission is to be the most professional provider of services in the market guaranteed by our experienced specialists.